Model homes taking shape at Gold Hill

       The first 8 of what may eventually be 1,000 residences are starting to appear at Gold Hill Mesa.
       John Laing Homes began building the homes this month, and their framed walls were becoming visible to passersby this week on Lower Gold Camp Road and 21st Street. A ninth building, a fourplex, should start going up in early December, according to project construction manager Barry Brinton.
       The models are expected to be ready by early March, he said. They are adjacent to the project’s 19,000-square-foot community center that has been under construction since June.
       The development activity is occurring off Raven Mine Drive, which will become one of the subdivision’s main streets.
       Meanwhile, work is continuing elsewhere on the Gold Hill site, including the development of a water detention pond just above Fountain Creek – required by the Colorado Health Department to reduce the chance of soils polluted from early-20th-century gold-milling operations from getting into the water.
       Also, Brinton said, three water trucks are continuing to work the site daily to mitigate dust blowing and help the 210-acre residential/ commercial development meet air quality monitoring standards. Work shuts down when winds get too high, but the trucks run daily until dark, he said.

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