Kudos to Westside Pioneer, Safe Treats
       I really enjoy the Westside Pioneer and appreciate its existence.
       The Editor's Desk and Cobweb Corners are always my first read. The Editor's Desk Oct. 25, regarding Sallie Clark and her opponent's comments, was hilarious. This to me proved the editor had common sense and reason. I actually sent a poli-sci friend in Arizona that week's copy. We had a blast discussing your thoughts and logic. You hit the nail on the head.
       The Cobweb Corners is the perfect amount of history to leave the reader wanting more. Having moved here from Arizona (born and raised), this is always an informative and interesting part of the paper.
       Finally, the main reason for my writing (and I am a horrible writer) is to thank you for the mention in the Pioneer of the Safe Treats Halloween event in Historic Colorado City. My wife and I brought our two daughters to this event and had a wonderful time. Had you not mentioned it, we would have never known. People were amazingly nice and friendly and welcoming. One of our daughters was dressed up as a rock-climber and this generated a lot of positive comments. Too bad Safe Treats got rid of the costume competition; we were told by most people that our daughter would have won. It's the thought that counts! We have since been back to shop and brought family there over Thanksgiving.
       So, thank you for your hard work. Many people read the publication but never write in. Usually, complaints are typical and compliments are rare. You deserve a compliment. Great work.

Jon Weir