Police officer gives tips to Mesa Springs

       A recent visit by Colorado Springs Police Sgt. Mark Comte to the Mesa Springs Homeowners Association brought out various bits of information:
  • Mesa Springs is a relatively safe area, with no recent crimes of any great magnitude. “You're really not experiencing a crime wave here,” he said.
  • Police are working out a system that will let people report crimes on line.
  • The biggest crime problem in the city is identity theft.
  • If you're not sure whether to call police about a possible illegal activity, call anyway. “We encourage you to call police anytime you see something you don't like,” he said.
  • The main number to call for non-emergencies is 444-7000. But sometimes it may ring a while because the receptionist is on another call. People who are frustrated with this delay have been known to call 911. Comte estimated that 13-14 percent of the 911 calls are non-emergency.
  • Fewer methamphetamine “cooking” houses are being found of late. Simplified methods have made it possible to use hotel rooms; also, it's gotten cheaper just to bring the stuff, already made, in from Mexico, he said.
  • Typically, modern bank hold-ups and fast-food robberies are by gang wannabes. Such an action is part of their gang initiation. The wannabees also are responsible for much of the gang-related grafitti around town. People should call in grafitti in public places because it violates vandalism laws.
  • If you want to be a police officer, there are openings. Applicants need to have at least a college associate degree. The type of major doesn't matter. “We've got music and drama majors,” Comte said.

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