Pharaohs ‘brought back to life’ at West Middle School

       Twenty-eight students, 28 pharaohs. The result was a student “wax museum” in the West Middle School library the morning of Nov. 24. West Middle School seventh-grader Tiondrae Pier reenacts Menes, the first known pharaoh, for school board member Jan 
Tanner Nov. 24 in the school library. Two other young pharaohs are in background.
Westside Pioneer photo
       The rulers included such well-known names from Egyptian history as Imhotep, Tutkankhamon and Cleopatra. "They've been brought back to life for a one-day showing only," quipped teacher Connie Graven, who planned the "museum" with her seventh-grade social studies students to cap off a study of ancient Egypt.
       The students made costumes, including the "death masks" that the pharaohs wore when they died, and stood at separate locations in the library, waiting like wax figures for visitors to ask them about themselves.
       Guests for the occasion included Board of Education members Jan Tanner and Bob Null.
       The students are in West's SAIL program for gifted students.

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