Garman’s big weekend
Plans to shut down, sell building haven’t changed

       The parapet brick collapse Nov. 21 will have no impact on previously announced plans to close the Michael Garman Gallery and sell the building at 2418 W. Colorado Ave.
       “The basic plan is still the same: We will take orders through the gallery until Dec. 31.” said Vanessa Garman, who manages the operation for her father. After that, “the business will continue to sell remaining inventory until it is gone,” she said. “There is no way of telling when that will be or how far into 2009 that will take.”
       Overall, she said, “there are many different possibilities and no definitive answers at this point in time. We are currently very busy and have many orders to fill.”
       She did express the hope that Magic Town (Garman's interactive, three-dimensional town scene featuring his trademark street figures) could remain “in its current location as a museum,” possibly by someone leasing space for it from Garman's or “through their own business.”
       The sculptor held special signing events in September and last weekend, but no more are scheduled. “My father will be leaving town for a few weeks fairly soon and returning shortly around Christmas for a farewell company/employee party,” Vanessa Garman said. “He will always 'visit' Colorado periodically but cannot spend extended periods of time at this altititude based on his health, i.e., congestive heart failure and breathing problems.”

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