Traffic: DriveSmart at CHS; ‘08 grad dies on I-25

       A mock accident in which four “injured” student volunteers were treated and/or extricated from a crashed car highlighted Coronado High Student Council's DriveSmart activities Nov. 20-21.
       The event featured vehicles and personnel from the Colorado Springs Fire and Police departments and an AMR ambulance. About 50 students from each lunch came by to watch, according to school Vice President Teighlor Lockwood-Koehn.
       “It showed us the process of what happens in a crash,” she said.
       There also was an assembly, where students listened to the stories of two individuals with tragic driving experiences.
       Sadly, Nov. 24, an accident on I-25 near Bijou Street took the life of Wade Lehman, 19, who had graduated from Coronado last May. According to a Colorado Springs Police report, his girlfriend, Dezirae Shier-Gill, 19, was driving when the car drifted off the side of the road and into a semi-truck, which was parked on the shoulder.

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