COBWEB CORNERS: No X to mark the spot

By Mel McFarland

       I often get asked what was in some spot a year or a hundred years ago. I like to look into these things, so I am going to continue pointing them out. A few years ago, I did a series on how our town looked in the past; well, this will continue. Where was this and where was that? Well I do not know every detail of the area, but it is fun to look up information about questions you have. Now and then I get a note or an email about something that turns up.
       Over the past couple of years I have talked about the gas stations where the Bon Ton and Old Colorado City Creamery are. I have talked about the Old Colorado City City Hall, which was also Whittier School at one time. There are a bunch of ideas, all of which came from your questions to me. Some of these questions relate to our area's railroad history, but some go back before that. I have talked to some of you, and we will be traveling all over the area from up north to the east and west and, like a short time ago, the south side of town. I hopefully will remind some of the "old-timers" of things and let those of you who have not been here that long understand that some of the spots you see all the time did not always look that way.
       I have talked about neighborhood grocery stores, schools, industries, railroad stations and burger joints. Every now and then, something pops up out of nowhere. Thanks to you folks out there, the subjects seem to never stop. I have talked about a few significant buildings and houses in the area. One was the Gillette house up behind Uintah Gardens, and another had a streetcar in it. I did one on the Gardner Tents from the tuberculosis sanitariums a while ago. Someday I want to talk about other houses.
       Here is another tidbit... Do you know of a house whose front now faces its backyard? Over on 31st Street, there is an old farmhouse, built long before the present streets were laid out. The back of the house faces 31st! If you look, you might spot it. It does not really fit in with the other houses, but its inside has been redone so the orientation is not so bad as it was fifty years ago.
       Well, come back again and see what spot or event comes up!