Interstate 25

       The Nov. 19 Westside Pioneer included a brief article, edited from a Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) press release, about late-night lane closures this month on I-25 near the Bijou interchange to allow “soil strengthening” work. The Pioneer has since communicated as follows with Michelle Majeune of CDOT:
       Q: Is this work under contractor warranty? What is “soil strengthening”? Also, why is this problem only now being found? Weren't soil tests done before the COSMIX project?
       A: Compaction tests were done during initial construction, and a review of those tests showed that the compaction was done according to required specifications. Recently however, the ground has settled, which can sometimes happen even when compaction was achieved. This area of highway has a large amount of soil fill due to the height and span of the road, which makes it challenging. CDOT has determined that it is best to raise the road area by pumping fill material into the ground to strengthen the soil, making tighter, and forestalling further settling. This portion of the road is under warranty.

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