D-11 consolidation follow-up could start in Jan.

       Last spring, in conjunction with the closing of several schools on the Westside as part of a consolidation plan, the District 11 board agreed to start considering follow- up changes around the middle of the 2009-10 school year.
       So far, no one is jumping the gun on that scenario, based on e-mail exchanges with Board of Education member Tom Strand (a Westside resident).
       These include the preschool-through-eighth-grade option for the currently separate West Middle School and West Elementary. “This will be carefully presented by the administration and studied by the board in late January/early February of 2010,” Strand wrote. “I'm excited about reviewing this possibility to have a 'pilot' school at West.”
       Also scheduled last year for discussions were reviews of the district's magnet-school strategies. Potentially affected would be Westside schools that have been established to be magnets - Midland's International Baccalaureate (IB), Buena Vista's Montessori and West's SAIL program - although the district has yet to define what “magnet” precisely means. Another planned consideration was a refinement of the boundaries for such schools as Coronado, Holmes and West.
       “The administration is working up a series of reports and recommendations” on these subjects, according to Strand. However, he added that predictions on board actions are impossible because of the “major factors” of two new board members starting Nov. 30 and “the impact of a possible $8-to-10-million dollar operating budget shortfall.”

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