January now for new OCC lights
Construction impact on merchants avoided

       It's final now. Shiny new streetlights will not be a Christmas present to Old Colorado City this December.
       At the request of merchants worried about the disruptive impact that installation would have on local shopping, board members of the Old Colorado City Security & Maintenance District voted last week to delay the work till after the holidays.
       The new schedule calls for Colorado Springs Utilities to start installing the 41 new and replacement lights in mid-January.
       “I talked with Ric (Geiman, the City Parks liaison to the board) and I told him we'd have a major mutiny over here” if the work got done now, Board President Judy Kasten told the Westside Pioneer.
       Geiman said he will be writing a letter to Utilities making the schedule change official.
       The district, composed of Old Colorado City property owners who tax themselves to keep up the shopping area's amenities, had worked out a purchase plan with Utilities last August in the expectation that the new, reportedly brighter streetlights could be in place well before Christmas season. But a suppliers' problems in shipping the light poles - not due to arrive now until Dec. 3 - created a potential conflict with Utilities crews and seasonal shoppers.
       Kasten was not completely glum about the delay. “It might bring a spark of interest to our part of town during January (a traditionally slow retail month),” she said. “All things have a bright side - no pun intended.”

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