Putman not keen on Friends’ idea for public tours of Bock house

       Colorado Springs Parks Development Manager Terry Putman is not interested in the idea of public tours of Red Rock Canyon Open Space's Bock house.
       “It's (the house) not something the public needs to look at,” he told the Westside Pioneer. “It's not open to tours.”
       The public-tour idea had come from the volunteer Friends of Red Rock Canyon, which was formed last August to work with City Parks in planning and caring for the 788.1-acre open space. The group's board voted for the notion at its Nov. 4 meeting, in hopes that might generate options other than tearing down the 37-year-old house where the former property owners lived.
       The vote was in response to Putman's plan - announced Oct. 21 in the Westside Pioneer - to put the 1,5556-square-foot building out to bids for demolition. Putman said he has not yet moved forward on that plan because he is still holding out hope that a suitable private, non-profit group will be willing to upgrade the structure. “We're kind of waiting to see if anyone steps forward,” he said.
       Overtures by the city to two environmental groups this fall have proven unsuccessful. The city has proposed that such an organization could use the Bock house for its needs, but first it would have to pay the roughly quarter-million dollars in upgrade costs the city has deemed necessary.
       One quasi-preservation idea Putman is open to - in the event no group does step forward - is preserving some but not all of the structure. For instance, a partial shelter could be fashioned using the rock wall on the back side of the house.
       In any case, Putman said that no action would be taken without a public discussion at one of the monthly meetings of the city's Parks Advisory Board. He does not yet have a meeting date in mind.
       In other Red Rock Canyon news, Putman said that several bicyclists have been meeting with the city regarding development of the “free ride” area for trick riding that is part of the property's master plan. No timetable for the work has been established, Putman said. Also, with unleashed dogs starting to become a concern in Red Rock's first month of operation, Putman said he hopes the city can begin moving in the months ahead to establish the no-leash dog-run area that is also in the park's master plan.

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