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New bicycle/pedestrian bridge over Fountain Creek at 31st Street opens

Workers with DRX Construction begin pouring the concrete for the trail connection between the new bicycle/pedestrian bridge (background) and the previous Foothills Trail terminus (as a sidewalk) along the west side of 31st Street.
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A new pedestrian/bicycle bridge at 31st Street has opened.
       According to Greg Archambault, project foreman for DRX Construction, the final concrete work involved creating short trail connections at either end of the bridge over Fountain Creek. The work was completed during the last week of November.
       DRX contracted with City Engineering on the $155,000 project. More than 40 feet in length, the span links the Foothills Trail (the sidewalk (along the west side of 31st Street by the KFC) and the Midland Trail (along the south side of the creek).
       DRX was awarded the contract last June. Work started in earnest
With cones showing that final touches are still needed, the bridge is seen looking from the south side of Fountain Creek. Footprints in the snow show it's already getting plenty of uses. In the background can be seen traffic at the intersection of 31st Street and Colorado Avenue.
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this fall with the delivery and installation of the pre-manufactured metal structure.
       Funding is from the city's bicycle tax ($4 on each new bicycle). The Foothills Trail goes south from Garden of the Gods Road - as a trail paralleling 30th Street and then as sidewalk along the west side of 31st. Its southern terminus had been the end of that sidewalk.
       Nonmotorized advocacy, particularly from bicyclists, convinced city officials of the bridge's need, based on the popularity of the two trails and a safety issue because the 31st Street traffic bridge over the creek has no sidewalks or bicycle lanes.
       “This should be a great improvement,” Archambault said.

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(Posted 11/23/15, updated 11/30/15; Transportation: General)

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