EDITORíS DESK: A thankful count of blessings

       Thanksgiving seems like as good a time as any (maybe it's the best time) to take stock of all the things we have going for us.
       Here on the Westside, the list is relatively easy. We could start with the Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site, where I spent part of last Saturday trying to photograph participants in its first-time cyclocross race. From what I saw, the event is a natural, with all kinds of historic and/or ranch-scene backgrounds to contrast with foregrounds of speedy, spandex-clad cyclists. Now if the lighting for the racers had been better earlier on, so that both the cow and the sheep could have been in the background for my photo at that dismount location... but now, now, we're counting our blessings here.
       Moving on to another article in our news columns this week, I can't help marveling that 23 years have gone by between my photos of the "Legend" bus bench at 11th and Colorado. Wouldn't it be grand to be 23 years younger? But there I go again, slipping out of blessing mode. That's 23 years of experience I wouldn't otherwise have. Yessir.
       Just as an oh-by-the-way on the benches, people who say they don't need newspapers are hereby urged (well, I guess one of you readers will have to urge them) to note the sequence of events. If it were not for that 23-year-old news photo/ story on the bus benches, the city revocable permits officer and the Mountain Metro business administrator might still be puzzling over why those things are out there, when in fact they had been the result of a community effort at that time involving city and transit staff! How easily history can be forgotten. But... let's be thankful it was remembered in this case.
       Naturally, it's harder for folks who have experienced misfortune to get into the Thanksgiving spirit. Such as those people who lost their homes in the two Westside fires this week. My sympathies go out to them. Yet it's still an upside of our nation that being down doesn't mean staying down. Fresh opportunities can still be found. Something we can all be thankful for.

- K.J.