Spirit Awards honor aesthetic Westside efforts

       “I was really discouraged,” recalled Zenaida Carpio about the condition of her house at 2419 W. Uintah St. when she and her husband Francisco bought it this year. She decided “I don't want it like that. I'm going to make it look pretty.” The Cox house 
(courtesy of Sallie Clark)
       The couple's efforts throughout the summer attracted the attention of a neighbor, Cheri Gamble, who was so impressed that she nominated the address to the Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) for its second annual Spirit Awards.
       “It had been an eyesore of a house,” Gamble said. “Then I drove by one day and it was a beautiful place.”
       The Carpios' house was among eight recently upgraded older-Westside properties that received certificates at OWN's Spirit Award presentations Nov. 16 at the West Center. They won in the category (new this year) of Good Neighbor.
       A winner in another category (New Construction) literally rose from the ashes. Ken and Judith Cox, whose 1895 house at 1028 W. Pikes Peak Ave. burned down last April, have contracted to have a new house built on that site. In a letter to OWN, nearby resident Bunny Blaha wrote, “I'm just so pleased that the owners chose a house type and style that blends in so well with the neighborhood... It looks similar to the many bungalow-type houses we have, with its full-width front porch.”
       Three of the award winners, including Blaha, have been doing their own renovation work. She said it's taken her 1 ˝ years to “restore it inside and out.”
       “We've been remodeling our house for seven years,” Remodel/Addition winner Bob Kliewer said about the house where he and his wife Rose live at 2122 W. Kiowa St. “We figure it's a 10-year project. We're going through restoring everything.”
       Sallie Clark, a county commissioner and former OWN president, started the awards last year as a way of recognizing people who are beautifying the Westside. In complimenting the winners, she noted that she and her husband Welling understand the work involved, having performed major restoration on their 1902 Holden House (which they made into a bed & breakfast 20 years ago). “We had to jack up the house and replace the foundation, so we know what that's like,” she said.
       The full list of winners this year are:
       Business Signage: Old Town GuestHouse, 115 S. 26th St.
       Historic Preservation: (residence) 1330 W. Pikes Peak Ave. - Bunny Blaha; (business) Anderson Chiropractic, 1318 W. Colorado Ave. - Drs. Jane and William Anderson.
       New Construction: (residence) 1028 W. Pikes Peak Ave. - Ken and Judith Cox; (business - a 24-unit townhome development off North 20th Street) 1358 Mirrillion Heights - Eric Price.
       Remodel/Addition: (residence) 2122 W. Kiowa St., Bob and Rose Kliewer.
       Landscaping/Curb Ap-peal: (residence) 1080 Mesa Road, Dave and Diana Tyree.
       Good Neighbor Award: (residence) 2419 W. Uintah - Francisco and Zenaida Carpio.

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