Convenience store at new Fillmore/Chestnut

       A Kum & Go will be built at the new Fillmore/ Chestnut intersection.

A graphic shows the Fillmore/Chestnut project, in which Chestnut is being realigned so that it crosses Fillmore west of the interchange where Parker is now. The announced Kum & Go will be at the northeast corner of the new Fillmore and Chestnut. The Fillmore/I-25 interchange is at the bottom of the graphic (in gray to show that it is not part of the current project). Note: The graphic also does not show the interchange's planned diverging diamond layout, in which traffic will be directed to the left (see story, Page 1).
Courtesy of Aaron Egbert, Colorado Springs Engineering and the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority

       The national chain's 24-hour convenience store/gas station would be the first project in the 14-acre Palmer House commercial development that's been planned for nearly five years by the Bella Fortuna group, headed by long-time area developer John Gatto.
       “We had an opportunity with others,” Gatto said in a recent interview, “but we liked them [Kum & Go], the size of their stores and the quality of their products. We're excited to have them.”
       For several years there have been gas stations/stores at the northwest and southwest corners of the current Fillmore and Chestnut intersection. Those properties have been bought and will be razed by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), in preparation for a just-started Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (RTA) project to improve Fillmore traffic flow, as well as for CDOT's eventual plans to replace the Fillmore/I-25 interchange.
       The 68,000-square-foot Kum & Go site is being created by the RTA project, in which Chestnut will be realigned to cross Fillmore where Parker currently makes a T-intersection. The new Chestnut will continue north through the Palmer House development.
       The new Chestnut/ Fillmore intersection will have a stoplight, and Kum & Go will be at its northeast corner, Gatto said.
       When the store will be built has yet to be determined. According to David Lemons, a real estate development representative for Kum & Go, the company would prefer not to start until it knows the construction schedule for another major, potentially imminent project in the Fillmore area: a replacement for the I-25 interchange. (See story starting on Page 1.)
       The RTA project is scheduled to last through October 2013, but it is not yet known how soon CDOT will be able to budget construction funding for the interchange replacement. Another concern is if, when construction does occur, it will be “in a condensed time frame or drawn out over a long period,” Lemons said. “We have to know what we are going to be dealing with before we make a decision to start construction. We are in the process of weighing the options.”

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