GHM building near new 21st Street access

       For anyone who might have thought it would be neat to live in the two-story fourplex being built in recent weeks beside the new Gold Hill Mesa Drive connection to 21st Street… sorry. All four of its units are already sold, according to Barry Brinton, property manager for the 210-acre residential/commercial development.

Roofers keep busy this week on a fourplex by the new access alignment connecting Gold Hill Mesa Drive to 21st Street. The structure is also the first one being built in the Gold Hill Mesa development's 23-unit Heirloom Filing 7. The view is from 21st Street, looking northeast. At far left is the Gold Hill Mesa sign greeting motorists from 21st Street; at far right is the smokestack used when the property was a gold-milling facility until 1949.
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       And if it seems surprising that people should be buying dwellings that aren't finished yet, consider that another 11 units on properties near that initial fourplex found buyers even before the foundations had been poured.
       Overall, 15 of the 23 units in JM Weston Homes' Heirloom Filing 7 have been sold, Brinton summarized.
       Filing 7 also takes in the project's Portland Gold Drive and Autumn Bell Street, each of which intersects with Gold Hill Mesa Drive.
       The construction is near a realigned public access from 21st Street. Going back to the early 1970s (about 30 years before the Gold Hill Mesa development took shape), Villa de Mesa Drive was the road there. But it only served residents of the 25-unit townhome community by that name. This year, Gold Hill Mesa Drive - promoted by a big development sign beside 21st Street - was connected to 21st, with Villa de Mesa residents given access from it.
       That first Heirloom Filing 7 fourplex is just south of the sign.
       “We are very excited,” Brinton said. “That corner had been so blah for so long. When you put good product there, it really shows well.”
       Bob Willard, the lead developer for the Gold Hill Mesa ownership group, has said previously that townhomes are proving to be increasingly popular with buyers, and he has even amended his project plans in the past to allow more of them.
       Conceptually approved for about 1,000 homes, Gold Hill Mesa is less than 20 percent built out. It is bordered on the south by Lower Gold Camp Road and on the north by Highway 24.

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