Church temporarily at Westside Center

       The Restoring Hope Church is using the Westside Community Center temporarily after a fire Nov. 10 barred the congregation from the location they had just moved to at 1 S. Walnut St.
       The first service at the center was Nov. 18, with one more Nov. 25 before Restoring Hope moves to a longer-term temporary site (the City Auditorium downtown) starting Dec. 2.
       Center Director Dick Siever said he was pleased to be of help. “They walked in here last Monday morning [the day after the fire],” he said. “We're charging them a fee, but it's a Good Samaritan fee.”
       Restoring Hope plans to return to the 1 S. Walnut locale after repairs are made, which probably won't be until September, Siever said.

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