EDITOR'S DESK: Thanks for the good time (24 hours)

       Yay, Thanksgiving! It's an especially gratifying time in Westside Pioneer country because that's the issue every year we have to publish Wednesday instead of Thursday. So when we've somehow managed to pull together all our stories, photos and ads and sorted them onto pages and shipped them off to the printer 24 hours earlier than normal, we are not only overcome with relief but giddy with delight because there, as a result of our pains, is an extra day, waiting for us like unspent money. Definitely something to be thankful for.
       And here's hoping you, our loyal readers, are also finding things to be thankful for this year. Especially any of you who are Coronado High School seniors. That's a tough break about the auditorium delay. It would be a nice touch if the school could come up with some kind of special night at the new place (assuming another surprise problem doesn't arise!), maybe over Christmas break next year, and invite the Class of '08 as specially honored guests. Some of them might at least be back from college for the holidays then. In the meantime, you can see they're on their toes up at at the high school - instead of just moping about the bad luck that the old, ungrouted walls have to come down, some architecturally minded students are using the opportunity to design a more appealing auditorium facade for the new east wall (the one facing the parking lot) that will be built.
       The Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) is trying to add a little fun to the tinsel season with its Holiday Lighting Contest. Who knows how it will go in its first year, but hopefully a fair number of people will shoot them e-mails or letters about showstopping displays.
       Well, I'd better sign off now. Those early deadlines are calling, and all I can seem to think about is turkey (bought on the Westside, of course).

- K.J.