Update on Pleasant Valley

       The Pleasant Valley Neighborhood Association held its annual meeting in October, re-electing board members Carol Corcoran, Flo Hagiwara, Dawn Sandoval and Selina Rodriguez .
       President Dick Wulf, who was re-elected in 2007, is midway through a two-year term.
       “After this year, I will have put in seven years (over one-tenth of my lifetime at 66 years of age), five now and two back in the 1970s as president when we stopped the four-lane highway and acquired the bike lane, as well as planted 1,100 trees (sticklings) at the White House Ranch, now Rock Ledge, only a small few of which survived,” Wulf said in an e-mail.
       The association runs on membership dues of $20 a household. Overall, about 150 households are members among the 810 homes in the Pleasant Valley neighborhood (roughly located off 31st Street north of Colorado Avenue).
       According to Wulf, a new benefit for members in 2009 will be the use of a commercial paper shredder for protecting identity that will be made available once a month in a designated driveway. “There is a also a Yard Trash Day with dumpster and branch chipping,” he said. “We are always looking for ways people can get their money's worth.... Our policy for good ideas is that we will do them if we can afford them and if someone will step up to lead and manage the effort.”

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