They came dressed as firefighters

       On “Boo Night” at the West Intergenerational Center Oct. 29, a fog machine that had been intended to make things spooky wound up setting off the fire alarm. This brought Westside firefighters to the scene, where they found no fire but a number of families and children standing outside in Halloween costumes (they’d evacuated the building because the alarm was so loud). Part of the evening’s fun for the kids had been collecting candy. However, when someone asked the kids if they wanted to have their picture taken with the firefighters, “the candy went flying,” chuckled Bob Kliewer, a board member of the Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN), who was helping with the event. The fire-alarm incident did not put a damper on festivities. After the fire trucks departed, the Boo Night went on as before, Kliewer said… but with the fog machine turned off.

Westside Pioneer photo