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Close to 100 at IB Family Night

       Close to 100 people attended Midland Elementary School's first-semester IB Family Night Nov. 10.

A room overseen by Mary Lou Edmund (green top) offered exercises in the Open-minded trait during Midland Elementary's first-semester IB Family Night Nov. 10. At least four of the people in the room who seem to be walking funny are trying to meet the station's open-minded requirement to walk backwards.
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       The evening, which gave students an informal chance to share with parents and siblings what they're learning, included a free chili dinner and a performance by an African-style music group.
       According to Wanda Sutton, the District 11 school's IB coordinator, students focused on 5 of the 10 IB Learner Profile traits. The other five will be the focus of the next IB Family Night, which will be in the second semester.
       “My sense is that people enjoyed and benefitted from the evening,” she said. “It seemed to be very well received.”
       IB is the acronym for International Baccalaureate, an inquiry-based method of learning that has been Midland's “magnet” educational strategy since 2003. The school has an enrollment of about 150.
       The five traits that were focused on Nov. 10 were Risk-taker, Principled, Open-minded, Reflective and Communicator.
       Two rooms were set up for each trait, with stations in them aimed at sparking easy-going discussions among parents, children and/or a teacher. For example, people were asked to walk backwards in the Open-minded room led by Mary Lou Edmund, and to sing French songs they've been learning in the Communicator room led by French teacher Pascale Arnol.
       CHS hoop alumni game
       The public is invited Nov. 25 to view Coronado High basketball players, past and present.
       Activities will start at 6 p.m. in the Coronado gym, 1590 W. Filllmore St., with the annual scrimmage among the players on this year's varsity. It's called the “red and gold” game, according to assistant coach Brett Brown, because those are the school colors and one side will wear red shirts and the other gold.
       Afterwards will be the alumni basketball game, also an annual event, which is scheduled at 7 p.m.
       The cost of admission is $3 a person, with proceeds going to the school basketball program.
       To participate in the alumni game, there is a player fee of $20. “Anybody who played for Coronado in the past is welcome to come out and get some shorts on,” Brown said.
       Having the annual contests on the same night was the idea of head coach Al Blanc. “He's big on putting the past with the present,” Brown said. “The current players can see the guys that went before them, and the alumni can see who the new guys are.”
       ABCD Night at West
       West Elementary will hold its annual ABCD (Auction, Bingo, Chili and Dessert) Night Thursday, Dec. 1 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
       The event is free, except for the cost of a bowl of chili (50 cents).
       Attendees can also make bids on several auction items, “play free bingo for books and enjoy a dessert,” said Angel Chavez, a West teacher and organizer of the event.
       The entrance to West Elementary is at 25 N. 20th St.
       For more information, call Chavez at 328-4949.

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