Man arrested after daylight robbery of MMJ store on avenue

       An arrest has been made after a clerk was beaten and money and marijuana taken during a daylight robbery Nov. 14 at the Indispensary, a medical marijuana store at 3044 W. Colorado Ave.
       “The victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was transported by ambulance to a local hospital,” a police report states.
       After a search of the area, asking people if they had seen the person in Indispensary surveillance footage, police arrested James Cody, 19, who had been staying at the Mountainscape Motel, 3445 W. Colorado Ave.
       The amounts of stolen money and marijuana taken have not been released.
       “The suspect was observed in the area prior to the crime and appeared to have been 'casing' the store,” a police report stated before the arrest.
       A later report added that, after entering the store, the suspect hit the clerk on the head with an unknown object, then forced him into the bathroom and locked the door.

From press releases