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Letter: Home-rule Springs shouldn't have to suspend its panhandling laws

       After reading the piece on the ACLU [see "ACLU scrutiny, Supreme Court decision lead city to suspend most of its panhandling laws", posted on the Westide Pioneer website Oct. 29, 2015], it just occurred to me that we could ask the question: “Whatever happen to the concept of the City of Colorado Springs being a home rule city?”
       Are we being “ruled” by "political correctness” (an oxymoron). We just allowed it! We should just shrug and move on by reclaiming our rule of law. We are quite capable of, and have been, protecting the rights of all citizens ourselves.
       I appreciate your keeping us pioneers on the Westside informed and letting others know there may be another side to the matter. Keep up the great work.

       Gary Rombeck

(Posted 11/18/15; Opinion: Letters)

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