Traffic calming structures on Broadway not yet finished

       That little roundish thing in the middle of Broadway at Market Street is not the world's smallest traffic circle, after all.
       It turns out that a subcontractor jumped the gun on installing temporary city “traffic calming” structures on Broadway Street early this month, compounding the error by not checking with the City Planning Office's Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP) on their function or appearance.
       “I was kind of surprised they (the subcontractors) went out there,” said Kristin Bennett, who heads up the City Planning Office's Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP). “There was a miscommunication between us and the contractor.”
       She also noted that a road-narrowing “bump-out” at Calvert Avenue also was put in wrong, but added that the issues have since been worked out and correctly designed structures should be going in place soon on Broadway as well as 17th Street.
       Broadway (between 21st Street and Westend Avenue) and 17th (between Colorado Avenue and Uintah Street) are two road segments that are scheduled to receive calming structures this year.
       Traffic calming is a strategy that uses design changes to make residential streets - such as Broadway and 17th - less enticing to drivers who want to go fast or to use them for shortcuts. Both streets will be getting circles or bump-outs at designated intersections.
       City staff painted the streets in those areas a few weeks ago to mark where the improvements are to go. The changes, worked out more than a year ago after meetings with residents of the respective neighborhoods, will be temporary at first so that the city can analyze how well they are working and make changes if necessary in an economical way.

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