Cyclecross at Bear Creek Nov. 18

       A group of cyclecross races are scheduled at Bear Creek Regional Park Sunday, Nov. 18.
       The course will be the same - but slightly extended to reduce the number of lapped racers - from the roughly one-mile loop at the last Pikes Peak SuperCross event at Bear Creek in September, according to Bob Wilcox, the president of race sponsor Pikes Peak Velo.
       Cyclecross is bicycle racing against the clock on a dirt course with various types of obstacles.
       The Juniors race will begin the day, starting at 9 a.m. Races, broken out by age or gender, will continue until the concluding Senior Men's Open event at 3:10 p.m. The location is Bear Creek Park, east of 21st and south of Rio Grande Street.
       Entry fees are $25 (except for ages 18 and under). People need to register at least a half-hour before their race.
       No spectator admission fee is charged. “There are lots of opportunities to watch,” Wilcox said.
       He then added a desire that probably only a true cyclecross lover would understand. “Hopefully it will snow,” he said. “We want the course as nasty and sloppy as possible.”

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