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Westside-based travel agent specializes in Disney vacations

Danielle Jordan.
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A travel agent specializing in Disney vacations has opened for business on the Westside.
       Danielle Jordan is the owner of the Travel Gal agency. As a certified travel agent, she can offer bookings “for anywhere in the world,” but said she's ready to help with business or day trips too.
       While attending college in Colorado Springs, Jordan had a summer internship at Disney World in Florida. She graduated from UCCS with a bachelor's degree in geography and environmental studies.
       Usually, it costs nothing to work with a travel agent, she pointed out. The advantages include less hassle in planning, as well as insights about good deals and things to do.
       For more information, or to make an appointment, call 510-6349 or e-mail daniellejordan@travelgalcolorado.com. The website is travelgalcolorado.com.

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(Posted 11/19/16; Business: New)

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