Concern about 7th Street extension
       I read your article in the Nov. 6 Westside Pioneer re the “Shoppes at Bear Creek” development plan. Aside from the fact it ought to be called “Shoppes at Fountain Creek,” this whole project by Southwestern Commercial Properties has been very strange, starting with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) working plans for a future Highway 24/Eighth Street interchange that would wipe out the existing and much-loved Colorado Place shopping center directly across the intersection and the very viable Acorn Gas Station across the street with its wonderful Powerball sign, rather than to take out the defunct and vacated Rita's Fajitas and the very mobile RV lot. My suspicions were piqued when I recently discovered a Southwestern Commer-cial Properties' sign that carried the fine print message that they are “Real Estate Planners for the U.S. Olympic Committee,” which leads me to suspect that USOC has a financial interest in the development of “Shoppes,” which in turn makes me wonder how many times the city is going to bend over to make USOC happy.
       Foremost, however, is the question why disturb that beautiful old hilltop neighborhood that has been quietly sequestered between Cimarron Street/ Highway 24 and Colorado Avenue since probably the 1890s? After the Memorial Hospital debacle with its plan to buy 55 houses in the Boulder Park neighborhood in 1999, I distinctly remember reading an article where City Council members proclaimed or even possibly passed a resolution to the effect that they would never again pierce the veil of serenity of an older residential neighborhood. Of course, politicians have very short memories, and such notions as “urban renewal” and “revitalizing” the Mill Street neighborhood, for example, may have in the interim obscured “family and social values,” but it is a beautiful view from the top of Cucharras hill out over the city on a summer night, and something that, unfortunately, probably has not escaped notice of our local real estate moguls and planners. Maybe the Shoppes should forgo those gas pumps in exchange for a needed traffic lane through the parking lot.

Peter Dunn