Greccio receives grant from Realtors’ foundation

       A $2,000 donation to Greccio Housing will help the Westside-based non-profit agency in its efforts to provide affordable housing in Colorado Springs, according to Executive Rich Stryker.
       The recent donation came from the Colorado Association of Realtors Housing Opportunity Foun-dation.
       “We applied for it,” Stryker said of the grant. “The Realtors have been a pretty consistent supporter of Greccio over the years.”
       The agency, which was started in 1990, owns 10 properties with 147 units, plus a partnership in another 6 units. With help from grants, donations and fund raisers (such as the first-time Dance and Silent Auction Oct. 2 at the Sheraton Hotel), Greccio is able to rent its units at $300 to less than $700 a month, Stryker said. Applicants wishing to rent from Greccio have to show a lower than average income.
       Greccio also offers services to its tenants, including resume help and family therapy.
       The office is located at 1808 W. Colorado Ave. Of the 147 units, 60 are on the Westside - 22 on Pikes Peak Avenue, 6 on Dale Street, 18 on Colorado Avenue and 14 on Moreno Avenue.

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