Donations sought for terminally ill ‘Flower Lady’

       She waved at everyone and she was known as Judy the Flower Lady. Now she's dying of lung cancer.
       Farm Crest employees, who got to know Judy Blue over the past seven years when she'd sell her flowers on weekends at the nearby corner of 21st Street and Colorado Avenue, have begun taking donations in her name.
       “People have been questioning us like crazy, 'Where's the flower lady?' said store manager Cecie Weldon.
       The answer is that she's at home with her husband at the Amarillo Motel. Blue, who is in her mid-60s, is not expected to live much longer than three more months, based on a doctor's prognosis.
       In just a week, the store has already raised $100, and a jar sits on the counter for people to donate more. Color pictures from children are also welcome. “She loves little kids,” Weldon said.

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