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Simpich to unveil solo-puppeteer adaptation of 'Heidi' Nov. 19-Dec. 31

A cropped photo from a Simpich Showcase poster shows the stringed puppet created by David Simpich as the namesake for his adaptation of "Heidi."
Courtesy of Simpich Showcase
       Nearly 30 years ago, David Simpich wrote “Heidi” for the stage as a “two person show with the puppeteers concealed behind backdrops,” he explained in a recent e-mail exchange.
       That format was no longer possible after the early '90s, when the Old Colorado City puppeteer/writer began performing solo.
       Now, thanks to Simpich's new adaptation, his hand-carved “Heidi” puppets will be in action again. Telling the story of a little Swiss girl who inspires others (including her gruff but kindly, mountain-dwelling grandfather), the show will run from Nov. 19 to Dec. 31 at the Simpich Showcase, 2413 West Colorado Ave. Ticket prices range between $13 and $15 ($12 for five pre-Thanksgiving performances).
       “Since I've been performing solo now for over 20 years it took awhile to wrap my head around a 'concept' or format that would work as a solo piece,” Simpich elaborated. “I'm actually portraying two characters in the show - Heidi's grandfather and Clara's father, each of which has a marionette counterpart on stage.”
       For more information or to buy tickets, go to the Showcase Box Office at 465-2492 or go to simpich.com.

Westside Pioneer/press release
(Posted 11/10/14; Community: Arts)

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