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OCC Library, Concrete Couch to team up on parking lot ramp community-tile project

Concrete Couch, a nonprofit creative organization, worked with volunteers in 2013 to paint a mural along a low retaining wall next to the Midland Trail in Vermijo Park. In August of this year, the artists were back, adding three-dimensional figures to augment the scenes in the original. Steve Wood, head of Concrete Couch, said he hopes to come back annually to freshen up the painting and/or to add new touches.
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       The Old Colorado City Library is contracting with Concrete Couch on a $13,500 plan to create permanent colored tiles on four concrete walls along a ramp at the back of its parking lot.
       Concrete Couch is a local nonprofit that specializes in putting artistic touches on functional objects and making community volunteers an integral part of it. Recent Westside examples are the tiled concrete bases of lamp posts in Bancroft Park and a mural on an old wall by the Midland Trail in Vermijo Park.
       Library Manager Jocelyne Sansing lauded Concrete Couch for its “extensive experience' in such projects and said she expects a “fabulous” design. “Their projects have consistently won awards, been well-received by clients and the community at large and have engaged the community to a high degree.”
       The effort will begin this winter, as Concrete Couch meets with local schools and community groups to see if (or how much) they want to be involved. Based on Sansing's “tentative installation timeline,” the actual work will occur between March and May.
       Roughly 50 feet in length and with walls of varying heights, the ramp has walls several feet high along its access from the parking lot up to the library entrance and (above that) the alley just behind it.
       The formal request for quotes (RFQ), which led to the contract, called for “designs that blend both 'old and new' into an overall aesthetically pleasing and complementary property.”
       The RFQ also made the point that after the installation is done, the resulting product must “require no maintenance.”

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(Posted 11/16/14; Community: Old Colorado City Library)

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