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Opening around Feb. 1 estimated for care facility being built on Fillmore

In an easterly view from the south side of Fillmore Street, the nearly completed Mainstreet complex can be seen behind an area being graded. The grading is related to a simultaneous project by the property owners to fill in a former drainage swale to cover a new wastewater line. Details in story.
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The new transitional care/assisted living facility on Fillmore Street across from Coronado High School is nearing completion.
       According to Chance Benbow of the Mainstreet company, which owns the property and is handling the construction aspects, the opening will be about Feb. 1.
       He said a community open house will be scheduled a short time before that, at a date to be announced.
       The operator of the 84,000-square-foot, two-story complex will be the Ensign Group, which offers similar services in several states, including five in the Denver area.
       Development on the 7.6-acre site started in late 2014.
       The work has included filling in a former drainage swale south of Fillmore, west of the buildings. According to Steve Berry of Colorado Springs Utilities, the fill was needed to ensure the stability of a wastewater main, which the Mainstreet developers laid in above a stormwater pipe where the swale had been. The fill covers both lines. The wastewater main connects the Mainstreet complex to the public Utilities system, Berry said.
       As another part of the project, a concrete sidewalk has been built (there had been none before) along the south side of Fillmore, between the west end of the property and Grand Vista Circle.

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(Posted 11/14/15; Land: Construction)

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