EDITOR'S DESK: ‘Little news’ – large impacts

       Some weeks have big news. Some weeks have little news. It's like that in the world of journalism by geography. Unlike the world as a whole, which is certain to have something disastrous or amazing every day, there's no guarantee that from one week to the next, on our own Westside, there will always be pulsating, stop-the- presses types of stories.
       This week felt like one of those little-news weeks. Earlier in the summer, Rock Ledge Ranch's Orchard House celebrated its 100th anniversary. This week has a story about the Old Colorado City History Center's 10th. Last week it looked as if traffic jams were in the offing, with the Cimarron bridge closing and the Bijou and Colorado bridges only partially ready. But the city has reported no serious problems. Terrible street shootings occurred in the last few days in both the Colorado Springs and Denver downtowns. Meanwhile, in the Westside's Midland area, the problems appear to be "limited" to vandals, thieves and riff-raff, according to the folks who want to start a Neighborhood Watch there. And at Coronado, no kids actually drove drunk; they just simulated it for the Drive Smart program.
       You can probably see where I'm going with this. "Little" news isn't so bad. The folks at the History Center are justifiably proud of their all-volunteer effort (no city funding like Rock Ledge or the Pioneers Museum). Not having traffic jams is good. Lack of serious crime is good. And sober high school students is great...
       I need to correct a number in last week's column. Through an evident miscommunication, I wrote that the Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) had received just one nomination from the public for its Nov. 8 Spirit Awards. Bunny Blaha of OWN has since informed me that there were three (all in the Landscaping - Residential category). That still leaves the seven other award categories in which no one stepped forward. So my basic premise still holds: For the awards to stay viable, a way has to be found to attract more public involvement. At this point, if that kind of turnaround occurs, I think, yes, it would rank as big news.

- K.J.