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EDITOR'S DESK: Who are the real haters? And how to change it

By Kenyon Jordan

       Where do they get these ideas?
       That question has probably crossed a lot of minds in the wake of the election, as a surprising number of people on the presidential losing side have revealed almost insane levels of paranoia about the very idea of President-Elect Trump.
       Let me see if I can list all the accusations: hater, bigot, racist, homophobe, Islamophobe, war-monger, misogynist, polluter, fascist, anti-immigrant and just generally Hitler except an oranger face and no mustache.
       Surprisingly, these are not just the delusions of the modern, “safe space” college kids and well, yes, paid protesters whose job is to spread mayhem. You'll love

this one: The CEO of an online food business actually sent out a company-wide e-mail stating that pro-Trump workers should resign because their politics go against the company's mission for "tolerance" … what?
       But the most revealing recent anecdote concerned the protester who described the American flag as just a “piece of cloth.” Funny, if that's all it is, then there truly are no American freedoms that soldiers fought and died for, no American rule of law - in fact nothing to keep the Evil Trump from casting piece-of-cloth-guy into irons until the end of his days.
       Truly, such practices have been the norm for centuries in many countries when a new faction has taken power. Yet somehow everyone (including the otherwise-ignorant protester) knows that won't happen in the good old USA. Ironically, the only awfulness since the election has been propogated by the losers.
       So where do they get their ideas? Instead of whining and wrecking things, you would think they would try to figure out why they lost, why those awful Republicans now have a newly elected president with both branches of Congress for the first time since 1928. You'd think they would realize that their dismal vision - defining their own country as just another place in a “borderless” world, capsulizing social issues as diversity-driven (meaning guilt for some and entitlement for others), using any excuse for expanded government control (except abortion) and demonizing anyone who disagrees with them - is sadly flawed.
       As a side note, there were no such protests when Obama was elected president… twice. If conservative bigotry is as profound as the losers like to think, why did that not happen? Could it be that those he defeated spent the time instead pondering why their ideas had failed to connect with the electorate? And now that Obama's would-be successor has come up short, could it not be reasonably conjectured that their side's lousy ideas were responsible, not distractions like gender or skin color?
       Then why do so many people fall into the trap of believing such nonsense? I would say the fault lies with leaders who for decades have willfully misled their followers (and as many others as they could reach) through scare tactics, half-truths, outright lies and innuendos.
       Who are they? Let's start with elected officials. I'm looking at you, mostly Democrats but also wishy-washy Republicans. You're typically too clever to openly back the protest crowd, but you don't dispute them, either. It's all just politics for you, and power has become more important than love of country.
       I'm also looking at parents, schools, media and Hollywood. When I was a '60s hippy, my youthful yearnings were for individual freedom - to break out of the conveyor-belt attitudes that followed World War II - along with a wistful hope that people could learn to love one another.
       I must have missed the memo that what was really wrong with America was not enough intolerance, not enough divisiveness, not enough victimization, not enough closed-mindedness, not enough demeaning of political enemies, not enough flag-burning and not enough spurning of the amazing opportunity that's hanging out there like a ripe plum.
       As for those places where that plum is all but out of view, such as inner cities where gangs, lawlessness and poverty are pervasive, we need to take honest steps to fix what's wrong, to give the kids there chances at a better future, not continually expanding government welfare and maintaining the same-old/same-old. And yes, our new “Hitler” president has pledged himself to that kind of fixing. Too bad he's such a horrible man.
       In all seriousness, parents need to work at educating themselves about this country and its place in world history so they can prepare their students for schools that may not necessarily do so. And schools need to start being less iffy in that regard, and Hollywood people need to finally screw their heads on right, to see that there is a reason that the “conservative” movies (about character and values and good guys to the rescue) are the ones that attract the most viewers.
       Yeah, I know. America is not a perfect place - nor has it ever been. But its history consists of far more sunlight than shadow. The proofs are all around us. It's good to keep that in mind. And if we do, wonder of wonders, we may find that in the common goals we strive for - life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - the winners and losers are not really that different, after all.

(Posted 11/11/16, updated 11/13/16; Opinion: Editor's Desk)

       Kenyon Jordan is the editor of the Westside Pioneer.

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