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First-time Pokemon Go adventure at Bear Creek Nature Center Nov. 19

Jim McCracken (left) of the Raptor Center in Pueblo shows a red-tail hawk during the Bear Creek Nature Center's 40th anniversary celebration in August. The center and the park around it will be home to a Pokemon Go adventure Saturday, Nov. 19.
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Pokemon Go has become an internationally popular smartphone game since its release this year, and it includes features that encourage playing it outside.
       Recognizing this fact, staffers at the Bear Creek Nature Center have organized a first-time, free event, making the center's building and the park around it the location for a two-hour Pokemon Go adventure Saturday, Nov. 19.
       The time frame will be 10 a.m. to noon. No reservations are necessary. The center is at 245 Bear Creek Road.
       An event flyer urges participants to “walk our trails and find rare Pokemon while hatching those pesky 5km eggs… Battle the gym at Bear Creek Nature Center and
Different Pokemon Go scenes are shown on smartphone screens.
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take it over for your team!… Hang out while we drop lures (10 a.m. and 11 a.m.) at our two Pokestops and let the Pokemon come to you.”
       Also on the flyer is the note that participants can “feel free to join the parks naturalist on a guided trail-cleaning hike. Learn about our local ecosystem while keeping the park clean and catching Pokemon.”
       According to Nature Center Supervisor Mary Jo Lewis, the idea came from one of the center's seasonal employees, Tyler Taylor. "It is something she is very interested in and wanted to do, so we welcomed the opportunity,” Lewis said.
       Taylor explained that Pokemon Go “appeals to adults and children of all ages, especially the demographic that grew up with Pokémon on Saturday mornings and with the popularity of Pokémon merchandise. Being a Pokémon Go player, myself, I realized that the Nature Center is actually a unique area in this part of the Springs for the app [and] invites many uncommon Pokémon to appear in the game.”
       In addition, the outdoors setting enhances personal fitness and may attract new people to the center, she elaborated .
       As for the trail work aspect, “If we can get video-gamers outdoors and helping to clean our trails while we're at it, then it's a huge bonus for us,” Taylor said.
       For more information, call the center at 520-6387.

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(Posted 11/11/16; Outdoors: Bear Creek Nature Center)

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