Sinton Trail at boulevard finally ‘calmed’

       The first part of the calming project on Holland Park Boulevard - one that the neighborhood has been especially asking for - has opened to traffic at the Sinton Trail crossing.
       With the changes, the width has necked down there from 50 to 60 feet of pavement to two through lanes of 13 feet in width, flanked by a sidewalk bumpout on either side and a broad concrete island in the middle.
       The boulevard reopened Nov. 5 after about two weeks of closure while crews with city contractor Even-Preisser did the work. A few final touches (including signs and asphalt striping) were needed to finish the job.
       “Yay,” said Cynthia McGrath, a board member of the Holland Park Community Association who also lives in the block just north of the trail crossing. “It's great to have the work done. It will be good for our neighborhood. I think it will slow traffic down.”
       The calming project there has been anticipated since the summer, when the intersection was intentionally left unfinished for that purpose after a trail upgrade by City Parks and a sewer-line relocation by City Utilities. But the calming work had to be delayed because of issues regarding drainage control and handicapped accessibility, according to Traffic Engineer Dave Krauth.
       Three other crossings on Holland Park Boulevard are planned for narrowing work, according to city calming plans. These are at Vondelpark Drive, Darby Street and Forest Hill Road. Work on these locations is being studied but will not get under way for a few weeks. “I am currently trying to work with other City Departments to investigate the drainage in the area to assure that the proposed improvements do not hinder existing drainage patterns,” explained Colleen Dawson of Traffic Engineering. “Also, while reviewing the proposed improvements with Colorado Springs Utilities staff discovered a sanitary sewer line that needed work, so they are going to complete that work before we proceed with any on-street improvements.”

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