EDITORíS DESK: Not hot, but still cool

       Some issues of the Westside Pioneer, it just seems as if there's a lot going on. This is one of them.
       A major election.
       A huge Halloween in Old Colorado City.
       District 11 looking at closing schools again.
       An express bus for Ute Pass.
       The continuing homeless camps controversy.
       The Holland Park neighborhood finally seeing action on the repairs/traffic calming work at Holland Park Boulevard and the Sinton Trail.
       But you know what? I think my favorite this issue is another story altogether - one that's not quite so "hot."
       I'm talking about the Osborne Trust Fund disbursements. Once again, the Garden of the Gods Rotary has quietly taken on the thankless chore of studying applications, visiting nonprofit organizations that serve the needy and making the tough decisions on who to fund and how much. The process for doing so was defined in Bill Osborne's will when he died 23 years ago at age 83, but he and his wife must have talked about it, how, after a very successful pharmaceutical career and no family members seeking an inheritance, that giving back to the area where they'd lived and worked was the right thing to do.
       It's not as if a will's detailed instructions are necessarily a mandate. Less demanding ones than Bill Osborne's - his calls for a review committee of 10 past club presidents and a financial strategy that includes interest earning interest - have probably been ignored without anyone going to jail. But the Rotarians have dutifully, even happily, stepped forward year after year. Why? Because it was a fellow Rotarian's last request? Maybe. But maybe it was also this: How do you say no to something that works so well and does so much good?
       The disbursements will take place at the Rotary luncheon Tuesday, Nov. 11. I'll be there as a reporter, yes, but also to applaud.

- K.J.