EDITORíS DESK: No struggle to fill space

       This was another one of those weeks that takes me back to when we started the Pioneer in January and some people were wondering if there would be enough news to fill a weekly Westside newspaper. Well, gosh. Let's just look at last weekend. There was the opening of Red Rock Canyon and the Goodwill blood drive Friday, the Organization of Westside Neighbors' ghost-story readings Friday and Saturday, the Peak Street event (which brought more than 1,000 kids to Bancroft Park) Saturday, and the Old Colorado City merchants' Safe Treats on Halloween (Sunday, the 31st), which brought hundreds more kids into Old Town. To top it off, there was the General Election Nov. 2, and by dingies if those irrepressible merchants didn't decide to start decorating a tree for the local military Nov. 3.
       That's not to mention upcoming stuff, like the Westside Highway 24 meeting, the Artists Studio Tour (ideal for those of us with right-brain deficiencies) and various Christmas-related actities. In any case, my guess is we'll have enough to fill our news space... and then some. The Westside is a happening place!
       Regarding the election, local politicos are still scratching their heads over the results. A Republican wins the White House, but Democrats take control of the Colorado Statehouse. School District 11 passes the ballot question letting it issue bonds, but not the one that would pay for them. Still, isn't it a relief the election is out of the way? Although I know I'm going to miss those TV ads and flyers. Not!

- K.J.