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Hog processing featured in annual 'Oink' event at Rock Ledge Ranch Nov. 15

While butchering a pig during "Everything but the Oink!" at Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site in 2012, Steve Zettlemoyer of Zettlemoyer’s Custom Meat Processing playfully offers the intestine to onlookers. This year the event will be Nov. 15.
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       The Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site will display key elements of pioneer frugality at its annual “Everything but the Oink!” event Saturday, Nov. 15 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
       Featured will be demonstrations of hogs being processed and sausage and soap being made.
       Admission is $8 for adults, with lower prices for seniors and children. Ranch memberships are also available.
       The Rock Ledge entrance (and parking lot) is off Gateway Road at 30th Street.
       “Everything but the oink” is an old expression reflecting the importance of hogs to farmers, ranchers and homesteaders as food and/or as economic product.
       The ranch website, rockledgeranch.com, adds the following information:
       "To keep the meat from spoiling during the curing process, hogs were processed in the coolest, fall months of the year. Lard was rendered to use for baking and to make soap and medicinals.
       "Everyone participated in this annual event, so dress for the weather and join us at the barnyard for this educational demonstration.
       "In addition to hog processing, you can observe sausage and soap making at the Rock Ledge House and the Galloway Cabin.”

Westside Pioneer article
(Posted 11/4/14; Outdoors: Rock Ledge Ranch)

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