Merrifield’s ‘promise’ bills evidently from ‘05

       One of the mysteries of the radio debate between Michael Merrifield and Kyle Fisk was a piece of literature the Merrifield campaign had mailed out.
       The literature, using the phrase “Promises Made, Promises Kept,” listed several house bill numbers intended to back the statement that the Democrat incumbent had “helped lead the way” in a productive 2006 legislative session.
       Fisk, the Republican challenger, said in the debate that he'd looked up those house bills and they were not as advertised. Merrifield's literature had “misrepresented voters with fabrications,” Fisk charged.
       Merrifield responded that while he could not remember the exact numbers of the bills he'd worked on, he had personally verified the accuracy of all his mailings. And, he counter-charged that Fisk (a church pastor) was bearing false witness, a violation of the Ninth Commandment.
       So, who was right? Evidently both… and neither. The Westside Pioneer checked the four house bills Fisk cited by number during the debate and found that they indeed had little or no connection with Merrifield/Democrat campaign promises in 2006.
       But a look at the bills for 2005 shows a different story. HB 1152 allowed lower-cost prescription drugs to the uninsured and underinsured; 1183 strengthened underage drinking laws; 1194 was the bill that resulted in Referendum C going onto the ballot; and 1216 set up ways to improve low-performing schools. Merrifield was a co-sponsor on each.

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