Ongoing volunteer efforts aid Dog Park

       People pick up “stuff” at the El Paso County Dog Park every day; it's just the publicized cleanups (such as “April Stools” and the “Stools and Ghouls” effort Oct. 27
       as part of Make a Difference Month) that people hear about.
       Ron Buchanan, leader of the citizen-membership Lovers Of Off-Leash Parks (LOOP), which looks after the facility by agreement with County Parks, said more than
       50 volunteers bagged some 500 pounds over a roughly four-hour span Oct. 27. However, he added by way of comparison, the average daily weight that County
       Parks personnel pick up in the Dog Park trash cans averages 200 to 250 pounds.
       “Some people take an extra bag. They might pick up 15 piles a day,” Buchanan explained. “It's their contribution to the park.”
       This assistance is “really what keeps it presentable,” he said. “We hope it has some influence on the people who don't pick up.”
       At the same time, he noted, because the 20-acre area off 21st and Rio Grande streets is an off-leash park, it's often impossible for owners to know just where Rover or Fido did their
       business. “Our rule of thumb is, 'If you miss your dog, then pick up two,'” he said. “Then we're always ahead.”

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