Council failed D-3 in appointment
       As long-time residents of the Westside and downtown Colorado Springs, we are bitterly disappointed at the appointment of Sean Paige to replace Jerry Heimlicher on City Council representing District 3.
       Just what was City Council thinking? District 3 has a history of supporting investment in our community, whether it be schools, libraries, transit, open space, or our local fire station. We have a history of electing people such as Jerry Heimlicher, Sallie Clark and Leon Young; these are not anti-tax, anti-government crusaders but people who believe that local government has a role to play in making this a better place to live.
       You had an obligation to appoint a person who would represent our interests as Jerry Heimlicher did. Instead you appointed Sean Paige, who is advocating the defeat of measure 2C. City Council has warned of drastic cuts to community services if 2C does not pass, yet you appoint someone who opposes it? At a time when the city needs strong leadership, you appoint a person who leads two anti-government organizations?
       We find it hard to believe that among the 18 applicants for the position that you could not find a person who would better represent our interests. We thank Mayor Rivera and Councilmember Jan Martin for voting against him.
       Sean Paige is the antithesis of what District 3 represents. Shame on you for forcing him on us.

Meg Remple
Carl Temple
Nancy Strong
Michael Smart
Nicole Rosa