EDITORíS DESK: We just wonít talk about it

       Let's not talk about Question 2C this time. Good idea, you might say, having endured pontifications on that subject here twice in the past two months. Sure, the election deadline is coming up Tuesday, Nov. 3, but what more can be said? Here's a new topic - that art program for teens at the West Center. Oh, I forgot, the center will close if 2C fails (as prognosticators say it will). OK, then, how about this: the great progress being made on rehabilitating the half-mile or so of Fountain Creek in front of Gold Hill Mesa. But silly me. (Sound of hand slapping forehead.) That project is partially funded by the city's Stormwater Enterprise, which according to Question 300 supporters (who by the way are also anticipating victory) will be eliminated if that measure passes. What was I thinking?
       Maybe we could put a spotlight on Rock Ledge Ranch's volunteers, who practically run the place anymore (apologies to ranch manager Andy Morris) because of past city cutbacks. But all the volunteering in the world won't make much hoo-hah if the ranch itself is closed and the animals sold off. See? I'm off-topic again.
       Maybe I - and any others sharing this problem I seem to have - could take a walk in a city park to ease our minds. Except that's awfully hard when we know that if 2C fails, only 13 major parks are slated to have their grass watered next year, or their buildings repainted when graffiti gangs show up, or their equipment fixed when it's broken. Of course, mentioning such crimes reminds me of the police and fire cutbacks. What will we do if...
       Enough. There's no getting away from it. This election seems to be everywhere. Even driving down the road - why here I am at 1326 W. Kiowa St., the boarded-up house belonging to anti-tax crusader Doug Bruce. A symbol of the city he wants us to have?

- K.J.