No public process on Bock house demo
       If the former John S. Bock residence in Red Rock Canyon is torn down, the natural experience of Red Rock Canyon will be enhanced; and tearing it down will cost less than fixing it up. On the other hand, the house is a little bit historic, a little bit interesting; and if it were fixed up, it could be a community resource as an interpretive center.
       When all is said and done, tearing it down may be the better choice. Still, the recently announced decision to tear it down was a bad decision, not because it was the wrong decision, but because all had not been said and done. Having led many Red Rock Canyon hikes, I know that there are more than a few people who would like to see the house preserved and used as a public facility. Perhaps they could have brought together the resources needed. Perhaps not.
       However, they certainly should have been given more chance to explore the possibility and participate in the decision. True, the Colorado Springs Parks Department did talk to a couple of organizations and a few individuals. But, by and large the potential preservationists had no chance to be heard. If the Parks Department had offered a public tour of the house, presented the prospects and problems and engaged in a dialog, the preservationists could feel that they had participated, that they had had their opportunity, and that they could “own” the decision. As it is, they may feel that they have been given a slap in the face.

Don Ellis