EDITOR’S DESK: District 11... Who loves yuh?

       If the expression, “warts and all,” ever had a good match, it would be District 11. It doesn't take the proverbial rocket scientist to pick out the imperfections. Board of Education members are at constant war with each other or administrators, persistent learning issues exist in many schools (including some on the Westside), the “zero tolerance” policies are often irksome, and now there are even rumblings that the buildings bond issue may have flaws that could invite a Douglas Bruce lawsuit.
       Try as District 11 might, it's pretty clear it will never be a Cinderella. So how about a Princess Fiona? You know, the decidedly unattractive yet plucky heroine of the movie, "Shrek"? Not everything worthwhile always has to be pretty. The real point is, thousands of our children are going to District 11 schools every day, and in that often-clunky bustle of activity there are some amazing people - administrators, teachers and volunteers - who are busting their tails to put the smarts in our kids' heads. The bond issue has revealed something else, too: There are some pretty amazing maintenance people, who have nursed aging doors, windows, pipes, boilers, intercoms, wiring, etc. well beyond their service lives (read the itemized list this issue, if you can). Do we sit back and use the district's obvious flaws as excuses to vote no? Or do we look closer, at the heart of the district, consider the people who somehow make it work, day after day, and give them what they need? I think the district deserves a "yes" vote. Warts and all.

- K.J.