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Mast arms coming for traffic signals in Garden of the Gods/Chestnut PPRTA project

In a recent photo, concrete work gets finalized at the northwest corner of the Garden of the Gods Road/Chestnut Street intersection (and also at the northeast corner across the street) as part of the $252,000 Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority project. Note the old-style cables above the intersection holding the traffic signals. These will be replaced by mast arms.
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       The “high points” of the intersection work at Garden of the Gods Road and Chestnut Street are coming.
       Project contractor CMS Inc., has told City Engineering that it plans to install mast-arm type traffic signals at the corners of the intersection (three of them Oct. 30 and the one in front of Wendy's Nov. 5).
       Started in late September, the $252,000 project is due for completion in mid-November, when the new signals are expected to become operational.
       It's one of the last of the A-list projects remaining from the 2004 ballot question that established the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (RTA).
       The mast arms will replace the current system in which cables, tied to light poles, stretch from corner to corner with signals attached to them, facing traffic in each direction. City Engineer Mike Chaves has previously explained that metal mast arms - extending over the intersection from the light poles - will be structurally sounder and easier to see in a low-sun situation.
       Some of the expense comes from laying installing a pole and underground conduit at each corner for the mast arms.
       Other project costs at the intersection have included upgrading the sidewalk and handicapped ramps.
       The project was originally selected for the RTA A-list because of hopes that the traffic flow could be noticeably improved at the busy intersection. However, a study two years ago showed that the costs for that were well beyond the project's budget, and engineers settled for basic intersection upgrades.

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(Posted 10/28/14, updated 11/6/14; Transportation: General)

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