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Bristol Elementary has after-school fun with Halloween Hall Walk

Costumed students trick-or-treat from Waldo-styled third-grade teachers Janae Langreck (left) and Wendy Zimmerman during the Oct. 27 Hall Walk after school at Bristol Elementary.
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       More than 100 costumed Bristol Elementary students and parents got a different sort of look at their educational locale Oct. 29 during its annual Halloween-themed “Hall Walk.”
       The half-hour extracurricular event was scheduled about an hour after school to give the kids a chance to go home and get dressed up and grab plastic pumpkins or other kinds of containers to hold candy.
       Teachers, most of them also in costumes, stood or sat outside their classrooms with bowls of sweets, handing them out to the trick-or-treaters as they went by. Some students in full get-up had fun making teachers guess who they actually were.
       Many hall lights were turned off for the occasion. Halloween-styled decorations and occasional orange and/or low lights here and there provided an appropriately seasonal and eery aspect.
       Kids started at the main entrance and exited through the gym, walking out with eager perusals of their respective candy stashes.
       Principal Manuel Ramsey said the Hall Walk (which is not funded from the general school budget) is a way to add some fun to the serious educational effort of the school year. He himself was dressed as a search-and rescue official and joked that if any students got lost in the hallways he would go in and find them.
       Bristol is an art-focused District 11 public school at 890 N. Walnut St.

Westside Pioneer article
(Posted 10/29/14; Schools: Bristol Elementary)

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