New, changed city bus routes take effect Nov. 3

       The schedules for new and altered bus routes have been released and will take effect in Colorado Springs the morning of Thursday, Nov. 3, according to city bus officials.
       Heavy use is especially anticipated for the Westside's Route 3, which will be similar to the former, popular Route 11 along Manitou/Colorado Avenue between Manitou Springs and the downtown. Route 3 will run more often now: including every-half- hour days and hourly in the evenings Monday-Saturday, as part of the revamped city bus service, which recently changed its name from Springs Transit to Mountain Metro Transit.
       Also starting up Nov. 3 on the Westside will be the new Route 32, a Monday-Saturday daytime service which will take in the area of Uintah Gardens, Pioneer Park, King Street, Pleasant Valley, Midland, 21st Street, Rio Grande Street and the Wal-Mart on Eighth Street; as well as the new Route 13, available hourly Monday-Saturday evenings and Sunday daytimes going up Nevada Avenue between the downtown and Holland Park.
       Holland Park, along with the near Westside and Mesa Springs, will still have their regular route - now called Route 14 instead of 18 - running on the half-hour Monday-Friday up Spruce, Walnut and Chestnut streets till about 6 p.m. The route will be hourly on Saturdays.
       The earliest Route 3 bus will leave Manitou and Ruxton avenues at 5:24 a.m., according to route information provided by Mountain Metro. There no longer will be a swing up through Uintah Gardens on some routes, as used to be the case, because of the new Route 32. However, Route 3 buses on the hour will still loop south on 26th Street through the Midland area.
       Note that one of the stops in the Midland loop - Bott Avenue and Robinson Street - also is a connection for the Route 32 bus on its run between Uintah Gardens and Wal-Mart.
       Route 3's every-half-hour service will continue Monday through Saturday through the morning and afternoon and up until 6 p.m. Hourly service will be available all evenings except Sunday. The last Monday-Saturday bus on that route will pull into the downtown terminal at 10:30 p.m. Sunday service on Route 3 will be provided hourly until about 5 p.m.
       Maps and schedules for the new routes had not been printed out in sufficient quantities for the general public yet this week, according to Mountain Metro spokesperson Amy MacDonald, but can be found in pdf format at a page on the city website:
       For more information, call Mountain Metro at 385-7433.

Westside routes in a nutshell
       Route 3 (was Route 11), downtown-Manitou, Mon.-Sat., days & eves; Sun., days.
       Route 13 (new), downtown-Holland Park, Mon.-Sat., eves; Sun., days.
       Route 14 (was Route 18), downtown-Holland Park, Mon.-Sat., days.
       Route 32 (new), Uintah Gardens-Wal-Mart, Mon.-Sat., days.

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