Show pride – clean up the Westside
       Residents in other areas, we are told, feel that the Old Colorado City area is desirable. I agree. But I have concerns about retaining our recent rise in property values and appearances in our area. We are proud of the progress we've made, and I look for a bright future. That pride does not always shine through. Sometimes we don't take care of our yards and maintain the appearance of our houses. What's the problem here? Is trash removal too expensive? Is a lawnmower not available? No one hates weeds more than I do. Weeds cause allergies, promote fires and spread to other neighbors' yards. Do you have any concerns about being blighted? I am interested in maintaining the quality of our neighborhoods and resisting the possibility of blight and “per se taking” of our properties for new development resulting in condos, townhouses and extreme infill. Geographically and historically we stand in good stead and I feel we are well situated. I moved to this area just because of the quaint townish flavor. But there is always room for improvement. It's time to show more pride by cleaning up the Westside.

Nancy Miceli