Fundraising simple as ABC for Buena Vista PTA

       A new fund-raising effort at Buena Vista Elementary could mean cleaner neighborhoods in the area.
       Through the Adopt a Block Campaign (ABC), students and their parents are setting up “agreement forms” with residents to pick up litter monthly along their streets in exchange for donations to the school's Parent-Teacher Association (PTA). In addition, the students will take people's accumulations of plastic shopping bags, which the school can then recycle for money through the Wal-Mart Kids Recycling Challenge.
       A neighbor's “suggested donation” for a school year can range from $4 to $17, according to the forms.
       “I took the idea from the Adopt a Highway program,” said David Petersen, a Buena Vista parent who started ABC this fall. In addition to helping the school, “it promotes safety by children getting to know their neighbors. There is increased mutual respect.”
       The response has been encouraging so far. About 25 students have gotten involved, contracting with more than 60 households in about 20 blocks, Petersen said. “We expect the number to increase through the school year,” he added.
       With more than half of Buena Vista now consisting of students from outside the attendance area - mainly a result of the magnet Montessori program - some of these blocks are on the Westside, while many others are in outlying areas where students live.
       “We've gotten a very positive feedback,” Principal Brenda Smith said. “We're trying to give back to the community. And we hope as we give back, that residents will want to work with us on that.”
       Another positive aspect of ABC, parent/PTA member Kathy New noted, is that it is in keeping with the school's acronym slogan, ROSE (Respect for Self, Others and the Environment.
       The money earned from ABC will be used to pay for PTA contributions to the school. In the past these have included a climbing wall, a large movie screen and activities such as carnivals.
       Other fundraisers this year include requests for people to give the school unused cell phones and used-up toner cartridges, New said.
       For more information on ABC, call Buena Vista at 328-4100.

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